Today @ The Gathering – March 16

Today @ The Gathering we completed our series “Angry in America,” with the message entitled, “Anger Can Be a Beautiful Thing.”

In spite of what the myths about anger try to teach us, anger can be a beautiful thing. That has to be true because Jesus was angry. We know that he was upset when the temple was used to cheat people. He was upset when people used the truth to put people in bondage. So there is a time to be angry; when just ice is denied, when the poor are exploited, when the weak are abused, when the sacred is profaned, when the lonely are ignored, and when apathy is not an option.

We learned through a ten-step process, how angry people change the world and we ended with this formula: W+AP+V+MAP+T=Revolution.

Anger is the way God changes things. It’s how revolution starts, when things go from how they ought never be and more toward how they should be. “W” stands for a wrong, a wrong so grievous it can’t be ignored. Plus an Angry Person, a person who is willing to take that wrong and allow it to become a burden a holy discontent. “V” stands for Vision. A wrong plus an angry person with a vision of how it ought to be and can be, a clear picture in his or her head of what should be done, plus more angry people infected with that vision, plus time equal revolution.

Next weekend is Easter Sunday. We’ll begin a brand new series entitled, “7 Ways Weird Families Work.” Make sure you join us for this exciting new series on how to turn your real-life family into your lifelong friends.