RG2G 043 Rescuing the Church From the Clutches of Cool

One of the things I keep hearing from people over and over again is how legalistic and institutional most churches seem to be – even the churches that claim to be cool. And by the way, cool is a new trend in the American church: cool video, cool look, cool name, hip clothing.  It’s a cosmetic make-over.  You may like it, you may not like it.  I kind of like it. But the danger is that cool goes too far.  When you take the gospel and try to make it cool by extracting from it some of the features that make you uncomfortable, you’ve gone from cool to heresy.

So today we talk about the cultural cool and ask the questions, “Has it gone too far?  Are those who lead the cool movement trying to redefine the gospel to make it so palatable and acceptable that it ends up having no hope and no help?” All of this today on Rengade’s Guide to God.