How You Turn a Man From a Frog Into a Prince; From a Dud Into a Dude: Today on the David and Paula Show

There is a myth afoot in our society that says you can’t change another person.  We believe that so much so we have failed to realize we have a profound influence on other people; particularly those people in our own family.

Today on The David and Paula Show we’ll discuss how you change your mate; how you bring out the absolute best in them; how you help them reach their full, God-given redemptive potential.

The truth is, you can have your perfect mate.  You can help them change, transform, and grow into the amazing person you know they can be.  It will just take you fifty years to get there.

Before you give up on your marriage, your mate, and your future if you’re married to a dud you want to be a dude, or a turkey that you want to be an eagle, tune in on today’s show live at 10:00 AM Central.