This Weekend @ The Gathering – Just how close are you to God and do you relate?

Tomorrow @ The Gathering we’re going to be talking about how to relate to God.  How do you get close to God? We’re going to be asking four questions that will help you take an inventory of your own life.  If God is a distant, abstract idea; something that conjures up bad memories of the past, why and how do you get over it?

This will be a great day to bring someone who is struggling in their faith and wants to know how to get unstuck.  If there is a God , if He loves us, if He has a will for our lives, if He’s ready and willing to be involved in our lives, to take care of us, love us and support us, and provide all our needs, I want to know about it.  And I want to know how to make the connection.

So join us tomorrow @ The Gathering at 9:00 and 10:30 for Step # 11 in our summer series,12 Steps Up, for a talk entitled, Hook Up.  How do you get close, stay close, and have an intimate relationship with God?