Dave Rave – 7 Reasons Why I Like My Wife

daveraveI like my wife.  That may seem like a silly pronouncement, but I know an awfully lot of people who are in love with people they don’t like.  Yeah, weird.

Not only do I love my wife, but I like her. I like her as a person.  I like being around her; not because I have to be, not because we are legally bound by a contract, but because she’s just the kind of person I’m attracted to.

So here are seven reasons why I like my wife.

  1. I like my wife because she sees the best in me. That’s often hard to do because sometimes I am very difficult to get along with.  She can see past my self-doubts and my inabilities.  Instead of correcting me and scolding me and nagging me, she always highlights my good qualities.  She sees the best in me and I see that reflected in the way she speaks to me and treats me.
  2. I like my wife because she tells me the truth. It’s not just the truth she tells me, she tells me in a way I can understand it.  She does as the Scriptures teach.  She speaks the truth in love.  She tells me the truth to help me, to be redemptive; not as an angry accusation of my failures.
  3. I like my wife because she’s got my back. Of all the people in the world I totally trust, she’s on the top of the list. I absolutely trust her.  I know she would never do anything to betray my trust.  And I in turn want to guard that sacred honor.
  4. I like my wife because she seeks to excel. We got married when we were 18 years old.  We came from a very average background.  But the one thing that has always been constant in our relationship is the desire to excel, to do the absolute very best we possibly can; not only as a reflection of our love for God, but our contribution that we make to humanity.
  5. I like my wife because she gives me balance. She teaches me how to not just love my work, but to love my family; that there are no contradictions in that, that the tension between working hard and being home is a good thing.  And she helps me seek harmony between those two things.
  6. I like my wife because she makes me want to come home. I’ve talked with hundreds of people, maybe more, over the years, who dread going home.  Home to a family that will nag them and condemn them and make home a living hell. My wife has always made our home a place to want to come home to.  Not only is it clean and neat, but it’s well-decorated.  It feels like us.  That makes me want to come home.  As a matter of fact, there is no other place on the whole planet I’d rather be.
  7. I like my wife most of all because she has made Christianity believable. I was raised in church where religion and pretension seemed to be the only things that we specialized in.  When I met Paula, she made faith incarnational.  She was God with skin on.  She showed me what it was like to trust Jesus, why it was important.  She led me to faith and then nurtured me through my early years.  That’s a great gift, for which I will never be able to repay her.

These are the seven reasons why I like my wife.  I can mention a lot more.  The question in this Dave Rave is, why do you like your spouse? Or, why would you want to be married and what kind of person would you become if you married the person of your dreams, or even the person you’re dating right now?

Sometimes it’s just good to sit down and write, this is what I like about the person I’m married to or want to marry one day.