Renegade’s Guide to God

RG2G 056 21 Ways We Are Saving the American Church

I believe in the church.  Yes, I know. It’s messed up, abusive, and sometimes outrageous the way “church people” behave. But I’m not talking about the institution, the organization, or the denominational artifact.  I’m talking about the dynamic, vital, spiritual community that Jesus had in mind when He said that His church would prevail. When […]


RG2G 055 Ten Good Reasons You Need a Great Church

Something I hear constantly when I’m around people are war stories about how they’ve been burnt by the church.  If you are not careful, you’ll end up thinking that just because a lot of churches are messed up, all churches are messed up. I know good people who have opted out of attending church or […]


RG2G 054 Why Nobody Wants to Join Your Church

There seems to be a lot of controversy these days about church membership.  In fact, there is a lot of debate going on about whether or not we even need churches with all of the online resources available.  So in response to a pastor who asks the question, “Why does no one seem to want […]


RG2G 053 Why 42 Million Christians Have Left the American Church

In a recent research study, the Barna Group has reported that over 42 million Christians in America are no longer actively attending and supporting a church. In today’s show we talk about some of the reasons why, and what can be done.   If you’re one of the 42 million, there is hope.  Good things are […]


RG2G 052 How Do You See Yourself?

One of the haunting questions I’ve had to deal with over and over is, “Why do people who call themselves Christians behave so badly?”  Is it because they are bad people, or is something else bigger going on? Here’s what I’ve learned. Identity determines behavior.  How you truly see yourself is how you live. Too […]