Announcing the Launch of the David and Paula Show, Live Each Week!

Well, tomorrow morning at 10:00 AM Central Time, Paula and I go live, online of course, with our very first talk show.  Well, actually, my second.

Several years ago I did a Saturday morning show on one of the sports stations here, 104.5 The Zone, called “Making Life Work.”  And now here we are, so many years later with an effort to help America make marriage fun again.

Here are the details of the show:

  • It’s called The David and Paula Show because that’s what it is; me and my wife Paula, answering questions using not only the experience we’ve had in 38 years of marriage, but the information and tactics we’ve learned from counseling and leading others in growing great marriages over time.
  • It will be online, which means it’s an internet radio show that you listen to live through a web site.
  • The web site you go to to listen to the David and Paula Show is
  • When you go there you will see The David and Paula Show on the left.  Click on that and the show will be live.
  • The content of the show is answering the questions we receive each week.
  • You can send your questions in two ways. One, at which will allow you to write out your question at length, look at it, think about it, and then send it.
  • You can also call 615-807-0386 and leave your question via voice message. This will appeal to some because you don’t like writing and it may be more convenient.  We will read the question on air and do our best to answer it.
  • Make sure you keep your emails and vmails anonymous.
  • After the show is over each day it will be archived not only on our web site, but also on iTunes.
  • You can find the David and Paula Show in the music store on iTunes by searching “The David and Paula Show.”
  • The show will be each Thursday at 10:00 AM Central Time.
  • If you miss a show you’ll be able to find it online or in iTunes.
  • We’re aiming for a show at 30 minutes length, but we’ll see how that goes because a lot of the questions we receive may take awhile to answer.

These are exciting days in our lives as we begin to launch out on some initiatives for which we’ve been preparing for several years.

Our passion is simple: to help good people grow great marriages. Paula and I are sick and tired of seeing good people fail at marriage, experience divorce (which is the quickest and surest poverty creator in America), and live a life of complication and difficulty.

Marriage is God’s ideal and God’s idea.  When it works well, everyone benefits.  Let’s band together in a movement of making marriage great in America.

Don’t forget that the “Making Marriage Fun Again” Live Event is April 30th here in Nashville, Tennessee.  Check it out and share it with someone you know. Nashville is a great place to come and attend the live event on Friday night, stay over and have a weekend away.