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Guys, Get some guts and take the lead!


Trying to be Married is Way Overrated


Today @ The Gathering: I Will Serve a Noble Cause (or wander aimlessly through life, bored, broken, beat-up and bitter)

You have two choices in life, it seems to me: one, be a taker, the other, be a giver. The takers are easy to spot.  We’ve seen them, been abused by them; some of us are even married to them: people who just seem to wander aimlessly through life, taking what they need without regard […]


Who Should Come to the “Making Marriage Fun Again” Live Event on April 30, 2010?


Number One Reason Why Marriages in America Break Up

Marriage in America is in trouble because Americans don’t seem to know what it takes to be married over a lifetime. We’re great at getting married.  As a matter of fact, television is filled with shows about picking out dresses, and getting married, and brides gone wild, and a thousand other variations on the whole […]