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The Gathering Canceled for January 31

Tomorrow @ The Gathering: You Attract What You Are

IG_IconWe’re coming to the end of our current series, “Inspire Greatness.” I’ve been very gratified by the feedback.  It’s exciting to see people really get beyond the survival/victim mode to a place where they really believe that using their everyday lives and everyday efforts they can inspire other people to a higher place.

We’re really going to hit the sweet spot this weekend by talking about how we attract the right kind of people in our lives.

This is really important, particularly for those of you who are looking to get married.  What you are thinking is, you’re asking God to bring Mr. Right or Mrs. Perfect into your life; that somehow you will see this right person and the light will come on and you’ll know this is a potential marriage made in heaven.  If that’s what you believe you’re going to be waiting a long time.

Maybe you’re a person who is looking for a new job or career, and you’re searching out there and sending your resume to just the right place. Maybe you’re a person who works your day’s work and then goes home to an apartment somewhere, orders in pizza and sits on the couch and watches TV until you fall asleep, cursing the world simply because you don’t have any friends. Maybe you’ve been divorced more than once and you wonder why you can’t find a good person.

Maybe it’s wake-up time, time to realize you attract what you are.  Instead of trying to look in the right place for the right people or person to marry, or the right woman for you, you need to focus all of your attention on being the right kind of person. The right kind of person attracts the right kind of person.

You attract what you are. If you are a loser, look around you and see who you’ve attracted into your life.  If you are a chronic complainer, listen to the people’s conversation.  If you’re damaged and wounded, what do you do?  You attract people and then run them off with your weirdness.

If you’re sick and tired of shallow, short-term, meaningless relationships, and you’re ready to attract winners around you, then this weekend is for you.  I’ll teach you right out of the Scriptures the three important roles that you play as you seek to bring the right people around you.  And let’s be honest, without people, you’re going to fail.  It doesn’t matter how well-educated you are, connected, what your parents did, you are going to succeed in direct proportion to the kind of people you’re able to attract and be around you over time.

No one succeeds without great people on your side, loving you, being generous to you, and creating goodwill.  If you don’t know how to do it, this weekend is a great time for you to be at The Gathering @ 9:00 and 10:30.  You’ll be glad you did. We’ll teach you how to make the connections that could change your world forever.

David’s Tweets for 2010-01-29

  • Before today happens to me; i declare I will never sour, never settle, and never stop #
  • You can weather anything, if you do it together, but the minute you are divided, you have the beginning of the end. #

Stop Sending Your Kids to Private Schools and Expensive Colleges

I was discussing with a bunch of men the other day that there are certain private schools in our city (Nashville) that cost over $20-25,000 for a year in their high school. They are definitely prestigious names; places where you’ll rub shoulders with the blue-bloods of our state. And if you can afford it, if for you $20-25,000 is pocket-change, then I say go for it. But here is what I’ve discovered; a dirty little secret that no one wants you to know: the education is simply not worth it.

Yeah, I said it. I’m bold enough to admit it, and I dare anyone to challenge it. It just simply isn’t worth it. I’ve seen too much evidence over the years. I’ve lived in Nashville over twenty years and dealt with those who have gone to public school, Christian school and private school.  And what I’ve found is that the education itself really doesn’t differentiate much. That’s why I’m a big advocate for public school education.

I’ve put my money where my mouth is on this one. All three of my daughters graduated from public school here in Nashville. They’ve all gone to state universities. And guess what, they’ve all got quality education by really good people.

Yeah, in public school there are a lot of buffoons, a lot of people who are burnt-out and don’t need to be there. But guess what, they are also in private school and you’re paying $15-20-25-30,000 for it! And here’s the problem: too many families are going into debt to send their kids to private schools and private Christian schools. What do you think you’re guaranteeing? Absolutely nothing.

Here is the point. Send your kids to a good public school and engage in their lives. Be their mentor, be their model, and be their motivator.  You cannot hire someone to educate your children for you. If you’re not a reader, you’re not a leader. If you’re not a teacher, you’re not an influencer. Just because you’re a parent doesn’t mean you automatically have influence and sway over your children. Sending them to a private school, letting them rub shoulders with others may in your mind give them a leg up. But my experience teaches me it does not.

I’ve seen way too many young kids who have $60-70,000 of college debt working for $1,000 a month with no prospect of anything better. I’ve seen graduates of Vanderbilt and elite schools of our town working in restaurants waiting on other people who are making more money, living more of life, more fulfilled, more impactful, and they went to a state school.

Wake up. This education is not worth it. It gives us the false sense that our children are getting a leg up on life when the truth is, it takes a mom and a dad together, loving each other, loving their kids, totally engaged, excited, prayerfully, carefully teaching, instructing, leading, challenging, and guiding your children for them to be a success. You can’t pay someone to do for you what has been given by God to you as a responsibility and the highest honor you’ll ever achieve.

Of all the things I have achieved in my life, the books I’ve written, the places I’ve spoken, the degrees I’ve earned, nothing is higher on the mountain of achievement for me than being able to woo, wow, and win the heart of a good woman and to have three amazing daughters who are now women themselves. Let’s stop asking other people to do for us what is not just our job, but our joy.

David’s Tweets for 2010-01-28

  • I will greet this day without assumptions and with full awareness of the needs around me. #
  • By God's grace I will not surrender my renegade joy for religious smugness! #
  • I asked God for the grace to raise 3 girls to be strong, smart, good, caring women; and He answered that prayer. Yea God! #
  • RT @human3rror: A Case for WordPress: The Government – #
  • Leaders are readers; stewards of the status quo are skimmers. #
  • To give up your creativity for the promise of security is the height of stupidy. #
  • A great family is built around a great marriage not cute kids. #
  • Asking for help is not weakness it is wisdom. #
  • Do not make your spouse defend themselves in front of your children. #
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