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The Gathering Canceled for January 31


Tomorrow @ The Gathering: You Attract What You Are

We’re coming to the end of our current series, “Inspire Greatness.” I’ve been very gratified by the feedback.  It’s exciting to see people really get beyond the survival/victim mode to a place where they really believe that using their everyday lives and everyday efforts they can inspire other people to a higher place. We’re really […]


David’s Tweets for 2010-01-29

Before today happens to me; i declare I will never sour, never settle, and never stop # You can weather anything, if you do it together, but the minute you are divided, you have the beginning of the end. #


Stop Sending Your Kids to Private Schools and Expensive Colleges

I was discussing with a bunch of men the other day that there are certain private schools in our city (Nashville) that cost over $20-25,000 for a year in their high school. They are definitely prestigious names; places where you’ll rub shoulders with the blue-bloods of our state. And if you can afford it, if […]


David’s Tweets for 2010-01-28

I will greet this day without assumptions and with full awareness of the needs around me. # By God's grace I will not surrender my renegade joy for religious smugness! # I asked God for the grace to raise 3 girls to be strong, smart, good, caring women; and He answered that prayer. Yea God! […]